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A chocolate chip cookie in a diamond with the company name super imposed over it.


What We’re All About

The Cardamom Man is something special to me because it encompasses everything I love about life into one delicious bite! So who am I? My name is Noah Aris and I am the founder of The Cardamom Man. I grew up in The Bronx, NY and come from an Israeli/Iraqi background.  I consider myself very lucky for having grown up in New York City because it gave me the opportunity to be exposed to so many different types of food and cultures throughout my life.  After I graduated from college I worked for a major hotel chain for a few years before joining a tech startup which catered to the hotel industry for another few years.  These jobs enabled me to travel around the globe (I was on an airplane about 2-4 times per week at many points!) and allowed myself to really dive into all these new desserts I was encountering with fantastic colors and strange yet alluring tastes. It was truly a dream come true for someone like me who has a HUGE sweet tooth!


Like many in the hospitality industry, I lost my job as the virus known as COVID-19 quickly took the world by storm. Hotels shuttered their doors, governments closed their borders, and people stopped travelling. With no end in sight to this pandemic I like many others across the globe was forced to find another source of purpose, fun, and of course a means to an end which didn't depend on myself being employed. At this point I re-discovered what I've always loved and that is BAKING!

This brings us back to what I love and how it relates to why The Cardamom Man Exists. So, what I love is:

1) Baking! Surprised yet?

2) Working hard! The best satisfaction in my life has come from working hard and reaping just results.

3) Travelling! Travelling has afforded me great experiences that I look forward to expanding upon.

4) Sharing! Baking is fun because is satisfies my sweet tooth, it takes hard work but produces immediate results, these results can act as a method of transportation for your mind when the body is unable to travel. 


With all of these experiences, the best part about it is having the ability to share these experiences with others and acting on it. I love to share the experiences I've had travelling all over the world, including living in NYC by using spices and flavors that turn your everyday desserts into quite the unexpected and simply sublime experience for your taste buds to enjoy!  

As a startup, we're constantly growing and continuing to learn how to make even better tasting treats for you to enjoy.  We're experimenting with other spices and herbs such as chili powder and lavender, and we look forward to hearing suggestions from you as well! 


No matter what you order, we guarantee our products will WOW you to the point that we'll be your go-to bakery moving forward. The Cardamom Man provides a delightful bakery experience where you can buy bread, cookies, brownies, scones, and even cakes online delivered right to your door! We look forward to serving you soon!


Coffee mug with company  with The Cardamom Man logo  and a loaf of Swedish Cardamom Bread. Our most popular item. This bread has Cardamom baked into it and Lars Swedish Pearl Sugar sprinkled on top.
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Have any questions about ordering, suggestions on what to bake next? We'd love to hear from you no matter what! Send us a message and we'll reply within 48hrs!

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