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  • What is Cardamom?
    Cardamom is a wonderfully aromatic spice that has a sweet yet smokey smell to hit. It comes in pods, seed, and ground powder form. The top 2 producers in the world of cardamom are Guatemala and India. However, it can be found within many countries all over Asia! You will commonly find cardamom in Nordic baked goods as well as certain teas such as Earl Gray and Chai. For personal consumption, we recommend placing 1-2 cardamom pod(s) in your cup of coffee or sprinkling some ground cardamom in ground beef while you're making burgers for a special treat! Here at The Cardamom Man, we ground the cardamom seeds ourselves right before we're ready to incorporate it into our mixes and batters so that the flavor and smell of the cardamom isn't lost. If you've had cardamom before, you'll remember it in every bite of our cookies and if you haven't, it will be a wonderfully new experience for your taste buds. We always love to encourage both our customers and window shoppers alike to travel and experience the world and we believe that by incorporating cardamom (among other spices and extracts) into our baked goods we can guide you on this very special journey.
  • Where did the items in my cart go?
    If you add items to your cart and then leave the page, your cart cannot be saved unless you are logged in as a member of The Cardamom Man. Becoming a member is free and it is easy to sign up! Simply click on the "Customer Login" button at the top of the page of our Home screen to create your account. By becoming a member, you'll be the first to know about new products being released as well as have access to deals and discounts only available to members!
  • What is the local delivery process like?
    Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, we practice contactless delivery whenever possible. If you live in a house we will knock on the door or ring the doorbell, our delivery person will announce that they are from The Cardamom Man, and leave your order at your front door where you can collect it. If we don't hear anyone approach the door or see someone grab their order as we walk away, we will take a picture of the where we left the order and send a text message to your mobile with the details. If you live in an apartment building we will buzz to get in, knock on your door, our delivery person will announce that they are from The Cardamom Man, and leave your order at your front door where you can collect it. If you live in a doorman building we will ensure that the doorman informs you that your delivery has arrived and will bring it to your door only if allowed and requested.
  • How do I bulk order for catering?
    We at The Cardamom Man are honored that you've taken an interest in serving our baked goods at your next event. Please reach out to us via email at with your inquiry so that we can answer any questions you may have and quote you a price as well. Please include in your email the type of event (wedding, birthday, religious celebration, etc.), the date of the event, any products in particular you would like to have served, and the expected number of people who will be attending said event.
  • How do I tip the delivery person?
    Tips are not required nor expected by any staff members at The Cardamom Man. We are all happy to enough bake you delicious treats to enjoy, and are well taken care of. As a company we've made the decision to compensate our delivery staff with higher than average wages so our customers don't need to feel obligated to tip. If someone from our delivery team is deliverying your order, they will simply knock on your door, announce that they are from The Cardamom Man and leave your order by your front door. They will not wait for/expect a tip. However, if you feel so inclined to tip they will accept cash.
  • How do I Purchase a Gift Card?
    Purchasing a Gift Card from The Cardamom Man couldn't be easier! Click on the button below to visit the Gift Card page. You'll be asked to select a pre-determined amount of money you'd like to load onto the Gift Card or you can enter in your own custom amount. If the Gift Card is for someone else, you can enter in their Name, the email address the Gift Card should be sent to, when you'd like the Gift Card to be sent (including immediately!), and a text box for you to enter a nice message for the recipient to read. Don't worry, Gift Cards NEVER EXPIRE and there is NO FEE to use them or hold onto them 😎.
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