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You know what drives me crazy? People! You've got people outside wearing their masks over their mouth but not their nose and feel completely comfortable doing so.  You've got people who still believe washing your hands after using the bathroom is optional.  But what's the craziest thing of all you ask? Taking a perfeclty good brownie, in all its chocalty goodness and thinking you deserve better.  You deserve something unlike anything else! So what do you do? You throw some walnuts into the mix just to see what happens because maybe, just maybe, you might be on to something!


Before we go further into this tirade, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest creation, the Nutty Nutty Walnut Brownie.  It is every bit as divine as our Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownie with that added crunch that I personally love very much.  Plus, you know what else? Maybe you are a genius! Maybe you do deserve a congratulations because we did it! We made the brownie so much more by adding walnuts!  As for me, I may be feeling less of a genius and more nutty right now *pause for laughter* but at least I wear my mask the right way and wash my hands after using the bathroom EVERY SINGLE TIME! I highly encourage you to reward yourself, your family, your friends, and neighbors whom you feel have unlocked such an achievement as well by purchasing these yummy in your tummy Nutty Nutty Walnut Brownies today!

Nutty Nutty Walnut Brownies

  • Choose between our lovely teal blue/chocolate brown giftbox containing 4 brownies each or a lovely gift bag which can hold 8 brownies each.

    Allergy Information: This product was baked in a facility that also handles nuts, gluten, and dairy products.

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