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SHUDDUP! GET OUTTA HERE! No, people in NYC don't yell these phrases at each other anymore. We're simpler now. We quietly get onto the noisy subways, keep our heads down, and...OMG THAT WEIRDO WON'T STOP STARING! SHOOT WE MADE EYE CONTACT! THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE DAY I FINALLY GET MUGGED IN THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY UGH I HATE IT SO MUCH HERE...Oh it's my stop! Bye CrAzY! Anyway, you know what is from NYC? This cheesecake. Right here in the Bronx! I grew up on cheesecake. Every birthday I can remeber I had cheesecake. Go ahead, give me an age and I'll tell you what I had. 9? Cheesecake. 12? Cheesecake. 13? Cheesecake that wasn't defrosted yet because somebody's parents decided to keep the cake fresh by placing it in the freezer even though it was bought that same day. But that was the age I also got a PS2 so it's cool. Anyway where were we? Oh yeah! 17? Cheesecake! 21? I don't really remember but...CHEEESECAKE! NYC is home to the best cheesecake in the world and this one right here folks, this is the best one you haven't tried...yet! Lets get to the good stuff now. The crust of course has graham crackers in it as well as pecans which give it a nice, hardened texture that everyone looks for and saves for last when eating cheesecake. You know who you are! The filling itself is made with excellent creamcheese that I also use on my bagels so you know it's the good stuff. Add a little lemon zest to this bad boy and you've got the perfect cheesecake. It's not too heavy, just creamy enough, and mouthwateringly delicious. One bite and you'll be hooked for life!

Pecan Crusted Cheesecake

  • Allergy Information: This product was baked in a facility that also handles nuts, gluten, and dairy products.

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