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While The Cardamom Man is a 100% USA based company, like many others in this country we were not always Americans. While I was born in this beautiful country, my family tree extends all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany, Israel, and Iraq. That's the story for many citizens of this country. Some of us were born here and have never been to our ancestors home country. Some of us immigrated to US as a child, a teenager, or even in our adult life, and some of those people ended up having children in this country and all they know of life is life in America.


Maybe you or someone you know, perhaps a friend or a neighbor, immigrated to the US at one point in their life or has parents or grandparents or great grand parents who came to America long ago and have never visited their family's origin country. Perhaps they have visited but very rarely have the opportunity to return due to time and money constraints.


As COVID-19 contines to spread into 2020 and beyond, we offerr you our Swedish Cardamom Bread which allows anyone who takes a bite the opportunity to mentally travel to Scandanvia for much less than the cost of airfare + hotel and return home once again if not for the first time.  Trying new foods is a great new way to experience different cultures and this is something we at The Cardamom Man greatly encourage.  Buy a loaf and share with your Scandanavian family, friends, or anyone with an itch to travel that has yet to be scratched. Serve warm and enjoy 

Swedish Cardamom Bread

  • We use premium Swedish Pearl Sugar as well as home-ground Cardamom to ensure you have a delicious experience in every bite! Best served warm by placing in your microwave for 17-19 seconds.

    Allergy Information: This product was baked in a facility that also handles nuts, gluten, and dairy products.

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